·                     Every girl who makes a Comets team is required to submit a fee of $525.00 payable to COMETS AAU.  This cost broken down as follows:  $450.00 team fee and $75.00 uniform cost.  The uniform consists of game shorts, home and away micro mesh jersey, bag & shooting shirt. 


·                     Every player is expected to raise a minimum of $300.00(younger teams)  to $500.00 (heavy travel teams) to cover the costs to play for the season.  This fee can be raised by selling ads or paid directly out of pocket.  Our tournament will be held June, all ads will be due by end of April, 2011.  If an ad is received after this date, the money will be accepted but the ad will NOT make it to the ad book due to the printers deadline.  All balances will be due by end of April, otherwise player will not able to participate in Regionals and subsequent tournaments.  Coaches will distribute this paperwork.


·                     Playing Time – It is our intention as an organization to compete in each game we play, utilizing all team members.  With that being said, it’s important that practice sessions be considered as important as game day.  Our coaches do a lot of teaching in our practice sessions. The weekend tournaments are the girls time to show that they are learning and improving.  The girls WILL improve in team concepts and in individual skills.  Please be supportive of their efforts.  The Comets philosophy is each girl plays in every game.  There are exceptions: they are the REGIONAL/SUPER REGIONAL TOURNAMENTS/High Exposure events and NATIONALS (if we qualify at regionals). At these tournaments, our coaches play TO WIN!


·                     Parents Behavior - Our coaches are the cornerstone that make the Comets a nationally recognized and respected organization in AAU basketball.  We feel we are very fortunate to have such great coaches who VOLUNTEER their time and efforts to the girls.   We ask the girls as well as their parents to respect the coaches and display sportsmanship at all tournaments while representing OUR organization.  The Comets are lucky enough to have over 100 cumulative years of basketball coaching/administrative experience from people that volunteer their time.  Although we don’t have ALL the answers, we feel that our approach to the game and the kids is a healthy, fun and extremely successful one.  We ask for all parents to be supportive of their team, coaches, and all players, including their own children.  Please keep in mind that we are in a teaching/learning environment and WE ALL, as adults, need to be positive role models for these young ladies.  Above all, this should be a positive, valuable experience for all of our players.  We welcome all parents to contribute to that goal!


·                     An most recent report card will be collected after tryouts  as it is required by the AAU events


·                     Our season runs from Mid February to July.  Younger age groups (9’s to 12’s) normally finish in June.  July is for teams that qualify for the National Championships and college exposure tournaments for ages 13, 14, 15, and 16’s.  Teams that qualify for Nationals will raise additional funds for the trip. 


·                     Teams practice anywhere from 2 to 3 times a week at various gyms throughout the area.    Parents need to be flexible in regard to gyms.  It is very difficult to acquire gym time so the location could be anywhere from a 10 minute drive to a 1 hour drive to practice.


·                     Teams play an average of 6 to 8 tournaments on weekends beginning in April.  The normal tournament schedule includes 2 games on Saturday and 2 games on Sunday.  Each tournament costs a MINIMUM of $450.00 to $500.00.   Schedules will be given out by the coaches once tournament sign-ups are completed.


·                     Comets Tournament – scheduled for June 11 - 12.  During the tournament all parents are expected to contribute their time and efforts for the operation of the tournament. Please set aside this weekend and plan on lending a ‘helping hand’ for both days.  More details will be available as the tournament approaches.